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We will be closed Jan 4th and will reopen Feb 19th

Sunday Special. All you can eat. Steamed crabs + oysters (fried, oysters and raw) $38 included corn of the cob, fried chicken and hush puppies.
Super Feast. Includes steamed crabs, snow crabs, steamed shrimp, fried chicken, hushpuppies and corn on the cob. $48 per person!

Beer to Go

Quart 32 oz /Growler Tube

Bud Light, Miller Light $7.50/ $15

Corona Light $10/ $21

Yuengling $8/ $21

Stella $10/ $21
Lagunitas, Dogfish Head $12/ $25

Crush's by the Quart $16

Ruby Red Grapefruit

Beer By The Can To Go $6

White Claw, Black Cherry
Lagunitas Daytime
Cape May IPA
Not Today Satan

House Woodbridge Wine To Go:   1/2 pint $8,    1 pint  $15,   1 Quart  $30

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